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14 Mar Open House with FreshPoint Atlanta!

Awesome Open House we held in Atlanta at the FreshPoint Atlanta! A great turn out with lots of interest in organics. We had the pleasure of having the following produce companies join us there: • New Sprout Organic Farms - Andrew & Alan Rose • Organic Valley - Heather Hauser & Jonah...

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09 Feb Market Alert: Organic Banana Shortage!

MARKET ALERT! Organic Bananas are becoming very limited for the coming weeks. This happens every winter but is a bit more drastic this season. Cooler than normal winter weather in the tropics, excessive flooding in Costa Rica, and political unrest in Honduras have all contributed...

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31 Jan Strawberry Season is upon us…and a freeze!

Florida Strawberry Season is upon us! Did you know, Plant City, FL is considered the “Strawberry Capital of the US” and is home to everyone’s favorite fruit for the winter months? Attached are a couple photos from one of our partner growers, Strawberry Passion /...

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30 Jan Farmers Hard to come by today…

"The lack of beginning farmers in the United States is bordering on a crisis. As the latest Farm Census shows, there has been a stark decline in overall farmers—the U.S. is now home to roughly one-third the population of farmers as in the 1930s. The...

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23 Jan Avocados are huge for Super Bowl!

Avocados are huge for the Super Bowl this year! Organic Avocados from our partners at FreshPoint Dallas are perfect in this Organic Guacamole recipe from Whole Lifestyle Nutrition. Full recipe here. image: Whole Lifestyle Nutrition...

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