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Striving to Maximize Production
into Marketable Products


  • Partners to Increase Sales
  • Regionally Based Sales Representatives


  • Leverage Existing Relationships for Mutual Benefit

Consulting Services

  • Expertise for Business Planning, Strategy, Foundations for Scale, Certifications, and Production

Brokering and Distribution

  • Full Company Support to Increase Sales

The local food movement has done an outstanding job of educating consumers and food retailers in the value of buying local and have created a growing demand. The problem is we have not developed the support infrastructure to fill the buy local value chain.

In a fresh food supply chain, taking the time to do things right the first time can save headaches in the long run. By using Resource Group to help develop the proper process and implementing the correct steps, you will gain a clearer direction for your fresh food business. And your investments — time and money — will also be paid back many times over. With a more efficient supply chain, you can achieve profitable growth and overcome the special challenges faced by the fresh food industry.