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Resource Group | Bridging the Gap between Local & You
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Bridging the Gap between Local & You

09 Sep Bridging the Gap between Local & You

Knowing and understanding who produces the food we consume is one of our greatest rights & privileges. That’s why we at Resource Group work to connect small ‪‎farmers‬ with large distributors‬ to bridge the gap and bring‪ local‬, ‪‎organic‬ produce & products to the masses. We admire companies like FamilyFarmed & Living Water Farms who labor each day with the same goals in mind.

From Mark Schneider of Living Water Farms, one of the first fellows of the Good Food Business Accelerator
“…there is this transition back where people are starting to say, ‘Hey, I want to know how this is produced and if it’s safe to eat.’ I think that is the driving force behind the local food movement and there’s an advantage if people can put a face behind the product.” -Mark Schneider

Link to full article “Living Water Farms: From Accelerator Fellow to Farm Aid Hero” — Published by :


Photo: Bob Benenson/FamilyFarmed