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Resource Group | “How Organic Farmers are ‘Gaining Ground’” -from Civil Eats
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“How Organic Farmers are ‘Gaining Ground’” -from Civil Eats

03 Oct “How Organic Farmers are ‘Gaining Ground’” -from Civil Eats

“Farming in and of itself is a risky profession. “Gaining Ground” tells the stories of three farmers—two from rural Oregon and one from Richmond, California—who take additional risks to transition away from conventional, commodity farming to grow organic food. In the case of Doria Robinson, who returned to her hometown of Richmond to work at Urban Tilth, the mere act of growing sustainably farmed food in a food desert is a deeply courageous act. As she says in the film, “This is the front line, and somebody has to hold it.”” -article by Civil Eats

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photo by Civil Eats // HANNAH WALLACE