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24 Jun Peach Frozen Yogurt Popsicles recipe from HomeGrown Organic Farms!

Temps are rising - it's officially ‪Summertime‬! Cool down with some tasty + healthy ‪organic‬ ‪peach‬ frozen yogurt popsicles from our partners at Homegrown Organic Farms. FULL RECIPE HERE Their website features loads of beautiful photos + other original, ‪seasonal‬ recipes: photo: HomeGrown Organic Farms...

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02 Jun Cotton Candy Grapes!

Produce Spotlight: Cotton Candy Grapes! This specialty grape variety, which has gained popularity over the last few years, is a hybrid variety that taste very similar to actual Cotton Candy! They're are a seedless green grape and have a very small window of availability. Product...

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26 May Value-Chain Coordinator

A cornerstone of the type of work we do at Resource Group - connecting large distributors to small/local farmers & producers - is highlighted in this article as being a "value-chain coordinator" - focusing on reducing the carbon footprint of food production and distribution, and...

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