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19 Jul Organic Produce More Popular Than Ever: Report

"American consumers are buying more organic fruits and vegetables than ever before, with more than half of all U.S. households now purchasing organic produce. The sale of organic bananas alone, a$165 million market, skyrocketed by more than 30 percent in 2015, while organic value-added veggies...

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24 Jun Peach Frozen Yogurt Popsicles recipe from HomeGrown Organic Farms!

Temps are rising - it's officially ‪Summertime‬! Cool down with some tasty + healthy ‪organic‬ ‪peach‬ frozen yogurt popsicles from our partners at Homegrown Organic Farms. FULL RECIPE HERE Their website features loads of beautiful photos + other original, ‪seasonal‬ recipes: photo: HomeGrown Organic Farms...

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02 Jun Cotton Candy Grapes!

Produce Spotlight: Cotton Candy Grapes! This specialty grape variety, which has gained popularity over the last few years, is a hybrid variety that taste very similar to actual Cotton Candy! They're are a seedless green grape and have a very small window of availability. Product...

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