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22 Apr Happy Earth Day!

We're proud to partner with companies like FreshPoint, Coastal Sunbelt and others offering quality products like Driscoll's, working together every day to improve the food landscape and our earth - Happy Earth Day!!! ‪ ...

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16 Apr Melon Season is Here!

Melon season is upon us! First of the season Cantaloupe 18ct along with 5ct/60lb Seedless Watermelons. Also 8ct Mini Seedless Personal Watermelons. Honeydews are right around the corner - stay tuned! For more information, contact Resource Group or our partners at FreshPoint​! ...

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24 Mar New Line: FUNGUS AMONGUS!

Check out this awesome NEW line of specialty Dried Mushrooms - Fungus Amongus - from our partners at FreshPoint. Below are the new available varieties: Dried Maitake Dried Medley Dried Oyster Dried Porcini Slices Dried Shiitake Caps ...

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17 Mar Micro Greens from Coastal Sunbelt!

It's officially Spring! Get some gorgeous greens in your life! ~Certified Organic Micro-Greens! $12.75 for 4oz!~ Available from Coastal Sunbelt on a pre-book basis, order micro-greens 3 days before your delivery day: eg. Order Tuesday for your Friday delivery. -Micro ‘Red Russian’ Kale -Mild Mix: Mizuna, Kale,...

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19 Feb Top 5 Organic Food Trends for 2015!

1.) Baby foods (using HPP-pressure, instead of heat, to kill harmful bacteria without largely impacting a product’s nutrients/vitamins); 2.) juice shots (bottled & becoming available in several stores); 3.) bean-based pastas (very high in protein); 4.) matcha (a mega-powerful health food); 5.) prepared organic meal delivery...

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