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02 Oct Fresh ‪Cranberry‬ Season is here!

Fresh ‪Cranberry‬ Season is here!!! Harvested in Canada, we purchases these ‪organic‬ beauties form our partners at Bridges Organic Produce and they're sold by the wonderful Patience Fruit & Co. Want more info? Contact us today: ...

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16 Sep Peppers from Coke Farms!

NEW items in this week - gorgeous organic peppers from one of the incredible farms with which we partner, Coke Farm! Habaneros 24x1/2pts & Padrons 12x1pts. Want these beauties in your life? Contact Resource Group today! ...

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09 Sep Bridging the Gap between Local & You

Knowing and understanding who produces the food we consume is one of our greatest rights & privileges. That's why we at Resource Group work to connect small ‪‎farmers‬ with large ‪distributors‬ to bridge the gap and bring‪ local‬, ‪‎organic‬ produce & products to the masses. We...

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14 Aug Young Thai Coconuts are Back at FreshPoint!

Feeling ‪Tropical‬ on this fine Friday? Young ‪Thai‬ ‪‎Coconuts‬ are back! Did you know: due to new regulations from the CCOF, Young Thai Coconuts will have a more natural look due to the new dip they are placed in when processed, pictured below. For more information...

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05 Aug “Applegate Got Spammed…Now What?”

At Resource Group, we welcome anyone making transitions as long as they keep all the standards of the companies they take over. How do you think Hormel has been doing since its acquisition of Applegate Farms? Here's the link to the full article by Robyn O'Brien: ...

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