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20 Jan How to Continue to Eat Local in the Winter

Great article from Organic Authority with ideas on how to continue to eat local even in the winter! Food doesn't stop growing and producers don't stop producing just because some of us get snow and cold temps - read on to find out how you can support...

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31 Dec Happy New Year!

Here's to working together for great change in 2015. Thanks to all of our partners, colleagues, friends & family for inspiring us to work hard to create a better food landscape. Have a safe & healthy New Year! ...

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12 Dec Article: A Food Fight We Can’t Afford To Lose

"Vote with us. Whenever you can, buy poultry, beef and pork that is raised 100 percent without antibiotics."  -Dan Rosenthal op-ed in Crain's Chicago Business on antibiotic overuse Article by Crain's Chicago:  ...

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20 Nov Pioneering Food Hub

Food hubs help grow local food systems and stimulate the economy. Resource Group is proud to partner with one of the pioneering Food Hubs in the country, Blue Ridge Produce Company, to help bring local and organic food mainstream. ...

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29 Oct Seasonal Produce Spotlight: Persimmon Fuyu

Check out these fall-hued, organic beauties! These ovate beefsteak tomato-shaped fruits with a pumpkin color are called Persimmon Fuyu. They're best when left to ripen until soft for consumption and are great eaten in salads or right out of your hand. They also pair wonderfully...

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