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05 Jul Sweet corn from cal-organic farms is in!

Sweet, sweet summertime means Sweet Corn grown by our amazing organic produce partners, like Cal-Organic Farms whose sweet corn is now in! Enjoy it off the cob or try this great recipe from Cal-Organic for the perfect way to incorporate it in your summertime lunch...

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02 Jul Go organic this Independence Day!

So much beautiful, delicious organic produce, so many fun 4th of July recipes! This year, skip the food coloring and artificial flavors / colors and instead choose #organic fruits & veggies that are naturally Red, White & Blue!  🇺🇸  🇺🇸  🇺🇸 ️ Click here for the full list...

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21 Jun

It's the Summer Solstice! Now that summer is officially here, there's not better time to begin enjoying the beautiful bounty of fruits this season has to offer. Why not start with stone fruits from our partners at Homegrown Organic Farms? Here's a video showing more...

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05 Jun “Tainted eggs have recently sickened 35 people. Here are the facts about this common foodborne bacteria.” -Consumer Reports

"An additional 12 people have contracted salmonella from contaminated eggs produced by Rose Acre Farms, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—bringing the total to 35. Eleven people have been hospitalized in the outbreak, and the eggs may have reached consumers in nine states. In March,...

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